24 HR Animal Care Centre is proud to be able to provide referral monitoring, diagnostic and treatment services to clients, patients and veterinarians within Regina and the surrounding area.

We work closely with the referring veterinarian to ensure all patients are provided with prompt, high quality medical care.


For Referring Veterinarians

If you are a veterinarian that is looking to refer a patient to us, please fill out the Small Animal Patient Referral Form or the CT Patient Referral Form (linked below) and return it, along with any relevant patient history and previous diagnostic results, to us via email: 24hrreception@gmail.com .  Additionally, we ask that the referring veterinarian contact our office by phone at (306) 761-1449 so that we can have you consult directly with one of our attending veterinarians to relay pertinent details of the care and management of the patient.  We can also provide you with a basic estimate for care to provide to your clients.

Small Animal Patient Referral Form

CT Patient Referral Form

24 HR Animal Care Centre will relay any findings, diagnostic results (if applicable) and follow up care instructions to the referring veterinarian upon discharge of the patient.