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Veterinary Specialist Referrals

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The majority of your pet’s health needs will be met at our practice; however, there are circumstances where a veterinary specialist may be required. Under these circumstances, we may utilize the services of a specialist who is a veterinarian with advanced knowledge in a particular area of veterinary medicine or surgery. In some  cases, specialized equipment is required to perform procedures that are not routinely performed by general veterinary practitioners. Examples of veterinary specialists include ophthalmologists, oncologists, etc. In some cases, we utilize board certified Radiologists for interpretation of radiographs. 

We routinely act as a referral clinic for many other veterinary clinics within Saskatchewan. We accept referrals for case management/monitoring, as well as for diagnostics such as CT Scan, Endoscopy, and Ultrasound. 

Other Exotic Animals

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We provide medical assessments and surgical procedures for a variety of other exotic animals including mice, rats, and hedgehogs. We see many diseases related to improper nutrition in these animals. Please talk to us about how to properly feed your pet as most of these diseases can be prevented with a fundamental knowledge of their nutritional requirements. We also supply a wide range of foods and supplements for these unique creatures.


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Rabbits are susceptible to a variety of conditions including hairballs, overgrown teeth, parasites and cancer. If your rabbit stops eating, appears overly quiet, experiences discharge from the eyes and/or nose, you should have him or her examined by a veterinarian.


Iguanas and Other Lizards

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These interesting and entertaining creatures are frequently presented to veterinarians for nutrition related problems. We strongly advise you to set up a nutritional consultation with our veterinarians to discuss how you may best avoid these conditions.


Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, and Hamsters

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Your furry friends require veterinary attention too! You should seek veterinary attention if your pet stops eating, appears quieter than normal, exhibits discharge from the eyes or nose, and/or develops a lump on its body. Teeth grow continuously in these small animals and often require attention.



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Your ferret should be examined yearly by a veterinarian. A stool sample for parasite check should be submitted at the same time as the yearly check up. Vaccines are available for ferrets and can be discussed with you during your visit.

Common problems associated with ferrets include gastrointestinal disease (diarrhea), parasites and cancer. Ferrets are inquisitive creatures by nature and frequently ingest objects they shouldn’t. Any loss of appetite or abnormal behavior should alert you to a potential problem and the need for veterinary consultation.


Microchip Pet Identification

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Microchipping has become a very popular and safe way to permanently identify your pet and you as the owner in the unfortunate case that your pet is lost. Microchipping involves placement of a small electronic chip the size and shape of a piece of rice just under the skin in the neck area. A needle is used to inject the chip. The injection is comparable to a regular vaccine injection.

If your pet becomes lost and is transported to a humane society, the humane society will be able to scan your pet for the chip and contact you. The scanner is similar to a scanner found in the grocery store.

We advise you to use this system of identification as well as a collar identification system on your pet.



Continuous Care

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Since we handle our own emergencies, you can be assured that our hospital will be able to provide your pet with continuous patient care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.


24-Hour Intensive Care

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We have 24-hour intensive care available to our patients. A veterinarian or a registered veterinary technician will provide the services necessary to those patients requiring care throughout the night. Please inquire about the availability of this service.


24-Hour Emergency Service

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Our clinic is fully equipped to handle any small animal medical emergency you may experience with your family pet. You can rest easy knowing that no matter what time of day you may have an emergency we will always have a knowledgable and experienced Veterinarian and Technician in our clinic ready to help you. The majority of our veterinarians are even members of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (or VECCS). For more information on VECCS please visit visit their website:

For a veterinary medical emergency please contact us at (306) 761 – 1449, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Emergencies don’t take holidays, so neither do we!