Registered Veterinary Technician

Julia began with our practice as a practicum student during the summer of 2017. She graduated shortly thereafter with her veterinary technologist diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic and proceeded to join our vet tech team!

Julia grew up on a farm in Alberta where the ‘farm life’ sparked her interest of a career in veterinary medicine.  Julia is passionate about the human-animal bond that occurs with all animals- not just cats and dogs.

Julia’s favorite part about her job? Lab work! She notes that the amount of information which can be obtained from doing lab tests is endless.  In particular, she enjoys looking at things under the microscope. In school her favorite subjects were microbiology and hematology and she found looking at organisms and cells under the microscope to be very fascinating.

In her spare time Julia enjoys bike riding, swimming and reading.  She currently owns an Australian Shepherd, named Morty!