Kasie joined our team, once more, in the summer of 2018.  

Kasie, a native of Timboon, Victoria, Australia, obtained her diploma of animal technology and shortly thereafter, her Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing from Victoria University in Melbourne.  Before making the trip to Canada, Kasie spent 5 years working in veterinarian ICU and ECC (emergency and critical care).

Being able to combine her love of medicine and animals, as well as having grown up surrounded by animals, is why Kasie pursued a career in veterinary medicine.  Seeing patients’ wagging tails when they are discharged, being able to help those in need and always learning something new are the aspects of her work that Kasie enjoys the most.

Kasie harbours a love for travel and recently just spent a few months in South America, touring Chile, Equador, Peru and Bolivia.  When she is not on the road, Kasie enjoys watching and playing sports, spending time with friends, and playing board games.  She currently rooms with a 4 year old feline, named LB as well as two mini daschunds, Leonard and Phil.