Registered Veterinary Technician

Kirby, a graduate of Lakeland College’s Animal Health Technology program, joined our team of veterinary technicians in the summer of July 2020.

Kirby has wanted to be involved with veterinary medicine since she was little.  Over the years, and with more research, she found a career as a veterinary technician would suite her best.  Vet techs get to complete a variety of diagnostics on and spend a lot of time with their pet patients.  As a technician now, Kirby really enjoys the variety of work she is involved in.  There is certainly never a dull moment at the clinic.

Interesting tidbits about Kirby: she is a fully certified esthetician and worked as such for 3 years prior to becoming a vet tech.  In her spare time, Kirby enjoys going to the gym, hiking, kayaking and crafting.

Kirby has a chocolate point Siamese named Kevin!