Leeanne joined our 24 HR team in the fall of 2016.

Growing up with many dogs and cats Leeanne knew at a young age that she wanted to pursue a career working with animals. Leeanne enrolled in university classes required of pre veterinary students, but it soon became apparent to her that she wanted to be more ‘hands on’ with her patients and thus modified her career course to that of a veterinary technician. In 2003, Leeanne graduated with honours from SIAST’s Veterinary Technology program and she hasn’t looked back since. Leeanne currently has more than 10 years experience in her current field of work.

You never know what to expect during a day at the vet clinic. The day to day variation, in addition to the interesting patients, cases and people is what Leeanne enjoys most about her career choice!

Throughout her career Leeanne has worked hard to obtain many hours of continuing education and her AAHA Management Certificate. She has also taken a special interest in dentistry and dental extractions.

Outside of the clinic Leeanne enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children. The family also has a young Golden Retriever, Aspen, who currently trains in retrieving and hunting!