Meagen started with our assistant team late in the summer of 2018.

Ever since she was a little girl, Meagen has wanted to work with animals and has ultimately decided to  pursue a career as a veterinary technologist.  She adores dogs and cats and is very interested in other species.  Meagen would love nothing more than to learn more about them.

Working as an assistant with our 24 HR team, Meagen enjoys that she is able to learn new things everyday while working in co-operation with our vets and techs.

In her spare time, Meagen plays soccer, relaxes with her pets while watching Netflix and runs.  Her and her family own 2 dogs, a pomeranian named Radar and a pom/pekingese mix named Mitsy, as well as 2 cats, Bella and Hazel, in addition to approximately 13 fish.